Posted Stool

I get the impression that when we take photos and especially photos for social media we find interesting, it’s often the spectacle unfolding in front of us which is more often than not controlled by ourselves that fascinates. Then there is satisfaction in noticing, capturing and sharing that moment. Photography….fine, easy….but I think a similar idea happened with this object.

Something great happened in the studio this week, as you might have seen I have been working on some type here that I nicknamed fuctfont, and I have been experimenting with some Risograph printing (with mixed results). I have got the print more or less right now and I have started shipping them out to people. I ordered 25 cardboard tubes from eBay to roll the A2 posters in. They arrived address and shrinkwrapped with my name penned on, by courier.

We know that A2 paper dimensions are 420mm x 595mm, the print gets rolled along the long edge. It’s also coincidence that 420mm is perfect seat height, therefore the object that arrived is a perfect stool. I REALLY love when things are automatically and effortlessly perfect and not designed but the fact that I am photographing the stool and writing this blog post turns these 25 cardboard tubes into a design object. This is great version of unpredictable, unexpected Ordinary made Extraordinary. Stool cost £15.60

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