Monthly Archives: August 2014

Michelle Edwards and I have been spending some of the time this summer at UAL (Central St Martins) running some short courses in Design. The publicity department there took this nice photo of us. Behind was the students’ work. It was a 1:1 scale drawing imagining the elements in the most hipster coffee shop in London they could think of. Not in shot was a fixie bike, some ironic graffiti in the bathroom and the name of the cafe was something pretty hipster too….’like, Nowhere’…as in ‘ Lets meet at like Nowhere’ or ‘Excuse me, do you  know where, like, Nowhere is?’ 😦 My moustache was incidental BTW…oh and my tye dye T-Shirt…..wait….I am not getting this right!

Hipster Coffee Shop

Hipster Coffee Shop – No, no hipsters here!

I made a small ident film to go at the end of my films. It didn’t turn out exactly how I had in mind but that’s sometimes a good thing 🙂