Monthly Archives: September 2011

Ben Harries who is a fashion photographer took my portrait today. He did a really great job I think. He is a real expert in knowing what looks good and retaking the shot until he gets it just right. Here are 2 of the results.

Hello, I hope you have a great weekend, the sun is shining here in the late afternoon at the beach. Before you go, I have been thinking about working on a new identity for my studio, my new moniker will be ‘Ordinary Made Extraordinary’ here are some first attempts at the graphic design. I wanted to use some really ordinary photographs of the kind of objects and materials that I use in my work. I think there will probably be another iteration before they are finalised, but I was thinking about the artist Morandi when I was taking these pictures. Here they are:

I went to British Airways this week for my induction. It was really exciting and interesting…in the extreme. The two people Luisa and then David that showed me around were also incredible in terms of their energy and positivity…I love it when you visit a company and there is such a ‘can-do’ atmosphere. The guys making the documentary were almost as excited as I was seeing the hanger and the planes…here are some of the pictures from my visit.
This Jumbo had flown in a matter of hours earlier with passengers and was then sprayed with a non acid based paint stripper and the paint was falling off.
As you can see the British Airways livery colours on the floor of the hangar.
Xavier, Matt and David
let me at ’em
Damaged nose cones being expertly repaired in the engineering bay
Product design students at work

Awesome delivery truck

Beautiful accidental paintwork

Herringbone paving

This is Milan dahling…I said NO GELATO!

Beautiful Caligraffiti

Great utility bike

Studded flooring

Empty poster board

Very tacky shop…so bad it’s….

Interesting industrial wood effect on pressed metal

So I had some great news this week, that being that my concept for the British Airways livery for the Olympic Games in London 2012 was chosen. My concept will cover 12 planes and last for 6 years. This feels fantastic for a number of reasons…the first being the scale, secondly that a huge brand like British Airways is willing to invest in my ideas and concepts to such a degree and also that it feels like such a great continuation of the projects and ideas that I have been working on recently in my short films. I thought I would try and make a short clip to describe what this means to me…