Monthly Archives: November 2011

Starting with discussing rules in design, I realise I need to sharpen my rules….
We started with the bare chair on the left hand side and then by the end of it 10 mins or so later it looked like the chair on the right. A very very good start, but we need to add to it in 10 days or so and I will repost the finished object. I asked students doing A Level product design who were attending the ‘Inspired by Design’ event that I was chairing at the Institute of Education on Monday, to bring with them 2 pieces of string chain or ribbon. Towards the end of the day they began to add the pieces together to make the chair. It worked really well when people brought stuff from home as they were all different. Some of the teachers provided the string for their students, which whilst being well meaning, kind of missed the point about asking people to be a tiny bit resourceful and find something for themselves….so there is A LOT  of white craft string….anyhow never mind. There is also a lot of variation from a Transformers logo chain (thank you!!!!) to a strip of vinyl and lots of ribbon. Name suggestions for the chair also to

The next object is a whole bunch of keyrings linked together, again it is starting to look interesting. I asked students to bring with them an old keyring they didn’t need anymore. The point of this to try and get an instant collection and large quantity of a similar type of object, and join them together to make something which we don’t know what it will be. I am open to suggestions by email and I will see if I can turn the best suggestions into something. A big thank you again to those people who brought with them and donated their own keyring.

Above is me with the test panel on the runway this morning. We didn’t have the time nor daylight to get it quite finished in time last night, so I was back there at 7am this morning. We got really good results but not what we were expecting really, so that was good. We will need to do another test to get this working just right. We were testing line weights, colours and tones at various distances to see what worked visually. The planes must look good from the terminal building, from the sky taking off and landing and from other aircraft whilst docked at terminals. This marks real progress with the project.