Monthly Archives: December 2013

So Mark Vessey the photographer was at my studio again today. We had to reshoot some parts of the book I figured we could do better. Also we had a few pick up shots to do. This is the term used when an important shot containing information is missed out for whatever reason. The last shot we struggled a bit with lighting to match what we had done several months earlier. The thing however that made our lives much less stressful was a fairly meticulous storyboard I had prepared the day before. I remember being told to do storyboards at university but I really appreciate now just how much of a great tool they are to ensure smooth running of photography.



I think if I had designed this cover I might possibly think I would never need to ever design any piece of communication art ever again. Does Graphics get better than this? I’m just going to put this out there as a question. What if this piece of design is a better creation than the novel itself? I had a meeting with a TV company, my agent and my publisher Penguin Random House yesterday and we were in Foyles looking at cover design. I bought this book, which I read in 1984 and I probably won’t read again, (hate reading) it’s going in a frame as an artwork. Hey that’s also one of the chapters in my book.