Monthly Archives: December 2011

Here is the conclusion of the  work I did (with 1500 A Level Product Design students) at the Institute of Education. As always the day had really good speakers energy and edginess. The first piece is the culmination of more than one thousand pieces of rope, ribbon and string which were individually tied to a metal chair frame thus upholstering it. Well done to those people who made an effort and looked for and brought their own lengths…you guys really make the piece special. The chair looks really amazing because there is no way one individual could every really make a piece like this. We should all be pleased with the result. The second chair also got completed and folding the sticker really helped a lot to change the form in a new exciting way, but you can tell it was originally a garden chair. I always like looking at what teenagers draw and doodle! : ) Lastly the chain of keyrings also took a big leap in terms of the aesthetic, (and weight). Any suggestions of what happens to it next are very welcome.