Today, I bought a Hula Hoop. I was looking for something else but it caught my eye. It was £2. The first thing I noticed was that it is OVAL in section and that it is made from one piece of wood. I guess it is steamed beech. It was also made in the former GDR/DDR which is exciting as I’m picturing lots of very earnest blond girls in a large formation having lots of fun hula hooping in the fresh East Getman outdoors ca. 1961

I made this short clip following on from the still version I shot a year ago. I wanted to show you the things I look at when I am at home and in my studio. Scale is important to designers…if you are an architect you might think about huge scale like a city, whereas a jewellery designer might think about a tiny area like an earlobe. So, I suppose this film lets you know at what scale I see the world as default.

My newly designed website is now live and fully functional. I think this is probably the 5th iteration since 2000. I am really questioning what purpose a website has. It seems just to be a hub to allow people to see my work and media on other platforms, twitter, video, instagram and so on. Any comments as to how I can make it better understandable very much welcomed (my mum will check for spelling errors and typos so don’t worry about that).

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My Shoes His Shoes

The waterproof dip shoes are the first project in my book, and it seems that luxury fashion label Bottega Veneta has become the latest fan of my work. Their S/S ’15 mens shoes cost £620… this is more than my car is worth…wait… so now shoes cost more than cars? when did THAT happen?.

I show you how to do this project for about 1/50th of the price here. I find it super interesting how what luxury is defined and perceived as changes.