I have always loved looking at peoples’ faces and I still do, I irritate my friends by constantly saying “wow look at that person they look like so and so”…and now I am getting a bit of that come back at me on Twitter…you know who you are! Anyhow, both my parents are portrait painters, both working in very different ways but I grew up as a child hearing my mum and my dad talk about heads, faces, noses and portraits. The best story is when my mum was asked to paint a copy of a portrait she had done of an old Colonel who had just died, she got her first painting back and set about reproducing it, unfortunately in the night the newer of the two canvases fell off the easel and landed on the back of the chair right on the Colonel’s nose, drying oil paint pushed the nose out 3D from the canvas and it set. Here are a couple of videos that might help you with your portraits.

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  1. Sam Murphy said:

    Irrespective of your much valued guidance on portraits, that story really made me laugh so hard, it was just what I needed – thank you v much!

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