Landscape and Proportion

So another couple of videos, first of all Landscape, the video is hopefully self explanatory but the main point is about simplifying the complexity of what you’re looking at. You can use this either as a warm up exercise to improve your observation or as a piece in itself. In the Big Painting Challenge I had my artists drawing on long sheets of wallpaper lining paper which were 4m long. I think if you’re drawing or painting at this scale try and use something broader than a Sharpie marker but not a brush as it runs out of ink or paint and your line will break, a continuous line is very important. 

Also here’s another tip I made for BBC mixital.

Another video this week about getting to grips with Proportion, Size and Scale, use the eyelevel observation skills you learned in my previous video about perspective and apply this in order to understand and analyse the proportion of three dimensional structures and buildings. 

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