Minty Grid Chair – Upholstery redfined


I made this time lapse of the Minty Grid Chair that was initially made with 1500 participants bringing their own string, rope and ribbons (and other stuff) to ‘upholster’ the metal chair in a new way. I got the chair powder coated so all the stuff had to be taken off, and I set about doing the new film.

I made some mistakes, which I’d like to let you know about. #1 The stills for the time-lapse were not on widescreen format so that they didn’t work with the motion footage. NB make sure when you do your time-lapse if the film has both types of content that they are in the same aspect ratio. #2 The first one looked bad for some reason and it took 7 hours to do. #3 I set the camera to automatic and it really messed around with the light setting so that the majority of the images were massively dark and over exposed. Another wasted day. Although the final result isn’t perfect, with the rotation segment being undersxposed. I kind of got away with it and I definitely couldn’t face another 6.30am start.

Here are some of the backgrounds that I experimented with:

IMG_4345 IMG_4346 IMG_4348 IMG_4372


Here’s the remote shutter release that I got to work with my Canon D60

IMG_4481I used this method to make the rotation smooth. 1 a nail glued to the chair frame, this located in the small hole drilled in the table surface (see last image). 2. I used a 60 point ‘clock face’ drawn in pencil onto the surface so that the rotation at 15 frames per second would be smooth but also a fast enough spin.

IMG_4482 IMG_4483

IMG_4484Again, thanks for all the participants who made making this chair possible.

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