Every Autumn, I get asked to chair an event called Inspired by Design where I chair a day dedicated to design and inspiring 1000 A-level students to start thinking about becoming designers as their career. This year the range of speakers was excellent, Sebastian Bergne, Emily Campbell, The RCA boys (Ed and Bobby) that did the paper pulp helmet and Wayne Hemmingway. All very different but all inspiring. I also got to talk about my work a bit but the fun part is always doing the creative exercise with everyone. This year we thought about materials and sheet sizes and I decided to try out making a 30m x 50m megasheet, making it textured with 60,000 paper uprights. There wasn’t too much hair that got caught and the scary whale noises were a bit too quiet, my camera didn’t focus properly (so the time lapse is a bit fuzzy), but the UV cannon worked well and even the flash from all the phone pictures made the whole effect extraordinary.

Here’s some photos and a video the participants shared







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