Thrilling Opposites

So, that annoying thing I do when we are walking somewhere together, I pull out my phone when you are in the middle of saying something to me and I dash across the street whilst you’re in mid sentence and photograph an old shop. I’m not being rude, and I was listening but I have to add to my collection. Whitewashed windows on shops are my photographic collecting passion. More on that when my second book ‘Whitewashed British Retail’ comes out (featuring 1000 photographs of whitewashed windows). I applied some white gloss paint to a Louis Vuitton leather handbag and it felt great! Painting something that costs 1000’s of pounds feels thrilling I have to be honest. This new project balances the unwanted, overlooked but liberated with the most desired, noticeable but precious.



1 comment
  1. Lillford said:

    I like your third photo best – bit iconoclastic with the big designer name, though I don’t know what people see in that L Vuitton stuff I think it’s really tedious

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