The Dove

I have been having a busy time recently. The plane took its first commercial flight to Copenhagen yesterday. Before that happened some ‘air to air’ shots were taken. Above is the one I like best as it shows off the wing design. Below I am with Prasanna and Simon who are my fellow Great Britons (and now mates!) Below that is us at the BA pop up 2012 event. 

  1. Christine Page said:

    Pascal, I was thrilled to see the finished result. All good wishes from France.

  2. Awesome.

    There is just simply no better word for it.

    Nice work

  3. Hey, Congratulations on winning the bid – the outcome is really exciting. This is a really interesting piece of Brighton University related BA/Olympic news, as i have just completed a project that is very much related to the BA/Olympic celebration. I’m a third year Fashion student at brighton and wondered if i could forward you my work or possibly get in touch with you related to this project? Thanks in advance, Annabelle Millar

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