1. Wow! That looks amazing Pascal! Big congratulations to you and the technical team.

  2. Vincent said:

    Congrats Pascal.
    Read about this on BBC News.
    The article also mentioned you plan to follow-up with a TV series, but didn’t understand if that was in relation to this project or something else?

  3. Claire said:

    Just watched the clip on the BBC. Love the design. It must be amazing having your work on a plane.

  4. A380spotter said:

    She’s a beauty Pascal. I look forward to seeing her and her siblings up close over the coming months. Very well done to all involved in making your idea a reality!

  5. Lynn said:

    I think I have just flown back from Venice on this aircraft. Didn’t see it properly, as we went down a tube, but I photographed the wings from my seat, as they were so pretty. I hate flying, but this certainly made me feel that it wouldn’t crash…..it didn’t, so it must have worked!

    I shall only travel on your artworks from now on…..

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