Monthly Archives: March 2011

I was not going to make a video about this, but I recently renovated my bathroom with new sanitary ware and tiles etc. In an attempt to ‘knock’ the newness off it (I dont like my house feeling too new like a show home) I decided that I wanted to ‘antique’ the mirror, so I bought one from Ikea and removed the backing and then with nitromoors removed the sprayed on layer. When that was gone, I started experimenting with Goddards Silver dip to remove the silvering from the back of the mirror. I guess because the mirror was cheap £15 as opposed to buying a cut piece of mirror £30, the silvering came away much more easily than on the tests I had previously done. I then rollered on some black acrylic paint to stablise the silvering and attached it to the frame I had made with silicone. I am pleased with how it looks.

My Balance chair is in a show at the moment in Kingston town centre at the Penny St gallery along with some other interesting exhibits, esp the prothetic limbs which look great. This past week I also made some chairs for Stefan Pop who is a Dutch comedian. I don’t normally like stand up, but I like dutch english accents and his jokes made me laugh so I was really happy to help.

After some reluctance I suppose, I am starting my blog. I am about to undergo some kind of landmark I guess….I am about to rack up 100,000 hits on YouTube…I am pretty happy with that. The last video I made is here. I have been thinking about producing the design as a screen printed wrapping paper too.