The Autumn shelf is about to drop in the UK today. The jet stream has moved and colder, wetter weather is due. This project from the book is very easy, anyone can achieve great results. By results I mean ordinary plimsoles made extraordinarily waterproof, so that when it does start raining at least your toes will be dry. Your ordinary plimsoles will also look much better :)


Here’s Nicolai inside the cling film house. That’s right an extraordinary house made from ordinary cling film. :) to find out more, you know what to do. The book is out TODAY!!!! Over the next 24 days I’ll post my favourite image from each project in the book. All photos by Mark Vessey.


Here’s a quick summary of the “mystical design process”, I was asked to talk to students just starting their first year about what design might be. Not definitive by any means but here is 10 minutes of information. Unfortunately I couldn’t attend the lecture in person, so I made this…but that’s what technology is for I guess. I only had 10 minutes maximum to speak and I wanted to see if I could do it in one take.


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